Does Continuous progress bring happiness?

If you are in Calgary, Alberta during the extremely cold week of January 2020, you will understand what I am about to share with you.

A few days ago I was shopping for groceries with my 8 year old daughter. After we parked the car in the parking lot, my daughter started playing around with the dashboard buttons.

After shopping we got back to the car and started driving. Then I noticed the car heater stopped working in minus 30 degree weather. We had a few km to reach home so I panicked. My mind began racing to figure out what caused the heater problem. “Did the mechanic who repaired the heater a few months ago didn’t do a job?Sweetie, did you somehow broke something while playing around with dashboard? I said to my daughter. “There is no way touching dashboard breaks the heater, daddy,” she replied looking perplexed.

I knew what she did has no connection with the heater issue but I was desperately looking for someone to blame for the problem.

While I was desperately looking for a solution, my daughter was happy the heater broke because she hates car heat which makes her uncomfortable. Of course she was unaware that having no heat in -30+ °C weather was no joke.

Knowing the mechanic is busy during this harsh winter time and it might take a few days to get the heater fixed, my mind started counting all the things that I couldn’t do if I don’t have the car? How am I going to take Loti to school? How am I going to show homes, How, how, how… The stress level reached boiling point..

We got home before the car’s temperature got too cold. I said to myself, let me leave the care in the garage overnight and see what happens.

The next day, something happened! I started the car and I was surprised to find the heater worked perfectly. The amount of stress I went through during the last 24 hours was horrible but the happiness I received the next day when the heater worked was amazing. Now, the How questions I had yesterday turned to what happened? What fixed the problem?

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins, said “happiness is the result of continuous progress”. So I was very happy when the heater worked. I felt I made progress. The idea that making progress in life, combined with being thankful for all that we have, big or small, is indeed brings happiness.